Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dolby Audio Commercial

Hello all. Another post that drafts off what Ghostbot has been posting.

So this video was produced about a year ago at Ghostbot. Alan Lau directed. I Art Directed the piece. It was a ton of fun and one of the first big projects I worked on at Ghostbot, where I could show off some of what I could do with color/design and composting. The first stage was pitching Dolby on the concept, so based off Alan's script for the spot, I created these frames with help from Alan Lau and Brad Rau on the character and shot selection.

The blue palette was inspired by the Dolby marketing style, but we began to worry that all blue would be a little too monotonous. So I worked up a few more color panels once the boards were underway. I liked this one, with the more stylized clouds but we ended up going with more recognizable cloud shapes in the final.

Here are the ones we submitted:

Client liked the new palette direction, so we were off to the races. I did a color script as I went along to try and keep track of how the BGs should be colored. I designed all the BGs and did all the AE composting as well as a smattering of Maya animation and Apple Motion Particles (Fish and Bubbles). As you can see, the color concepts were nearly identical to the final frames.

It was a blast and I loved getting to work with such a talented crew. Ghostbot brought the serious animation chops, including hiring Adam Phillips to animate the heavy fx scenes. I can't wait to do more!